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Quirky Characters

What is quirky? reads:

“Definition of quirky: having many quirks; unusual in especially an interesting or appealing way”.

Quirky characters might be your favorites or they might annoy you more than a little.

Do your favorite quirky people have characteristics that you can name instantly? They may make you double over in laughter. Or you might cringe.

What are quirky characteristics? Here are some potential attributes:

Unexpected – Who does the things you would least expect? Are their actions Illogical, dangerous, or too dumb for words?

Stand Out – What characters dress in a way that makes everyone look twice? Are they completely amicable or irritating?

Brilliant – Do your characters possess IQ's that force you to think outside the box? Does everyone wait for their down-to-earth explanations?

Naturally Different – Their uniqueness or oddity must be normal for them, not something fake to impress others.

Interests – Do your quirky characters have unusual fixations with a hobby or interest that they often refer to?

Lingo – Do your quirky characters quote or imitate someone or use lingo specific to a particular topic (i.e. scientific terms or technical expertise)?

Quirky characters can be lovable, memorable, or lovably irritating.

Readers seldom forget them.

Do you have one in the works?

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