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O IS FOR OLD DOG (I prefer mature dog): Dog Diapers or Pampers®?

Our 16+ year old Lhasa Apso, Molly Marie, recently suffered a bout of canine flu. Very nasty.

Even before her illness, she showed signs of incontinence. During the flu, we kept her in diapers. Up until that time, I paid little attention to dog diapers. It’s been a rude awakening.

I purchased two different sizes. Both stayed on initially, but they didn’t last long. I kept having to readjust and reattach them. With no elastic around the legs and the skimpy diaper itself, the venture was frustrating to say the least. They both proved completely unsatisfactory for a dog with diarrhea. I’ll spare you any elaboration on that point, but we had to use them for a number of days.

Our daughter gave us a few Pampers® diapers that her toddler outgrew. It took seconds to cut a hole for Molly’s tail. As you can see from the photos, the child diaper (Pampers®) is 3X thicker than the dog diaper. Also, the elastic around the legs helps with slippage so the diaper is more secure.

So…(drum roll with a dog bone)…

The pet diapers cost $17 for 12 ($1.42 each).

I then paid $34 for 116 Pampers® (29¢ each). And they were much greater quality!

Plenty of dog owners may be perfectly satisfied with pet diapers. A Lhasa Apso is short and long. That could certainly make a difference. But I was surprised at what I learned.

It takes seconds to cut a tail hole in a child’s diaper. It takes seconds to save $1.13 per diaper. And it takes seconds to keep my dog comfortable and accident-free.

It’s a win-win for dog and owner.

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