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N is for Name: What do they mean?

First names. Middle names. Surnames (last names).

First names and middle names

Do you ever ponder the unusual children’s names you hear? Many unique names are created by combining two first names, possibly those of parents or grandparents.

Examples: Tom + Marie = Tomari Favorite names: Lila + Rose = Lilarose or Rosila

James + Helen = Jalen Jasmine + Angel = Jaselle

Charles + Rose = Charose Joe + Mark = Jomark or Jomar

John + Maureen = Joreen Ken + Brian = Kenbrie or Kenian

A place or something important to parents might lead to such names as America, Harmony, or Serenity. Common names with updated spelling include Jaxson, Cydnee, or Zakkery. The name Killy might reflect Killybegs, Ireland.

Children’s middle names often represent family, sentimental, or inspirational names.

Surnames (last names)

Many surnames reflect ethnicity, regional, or occupational information.

Examples: Shoemaker (originally a shoe maker)

Tanner (tanned leather)

Hunter (hunted for food)

MacGregor (Mac means son of, i.e. son of Gregor)

Hundreds of last names beginning with Van… or Vander… are Dutch in origin.

Many surnames can be traced back to significant times in history or generations.

There is a meaning behind every name. Don’t be afraid to ask.

You might learn something amazing!

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