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J is for Jewelry

Jewelry communicates. It whispers and shouts. It waves banners and flags. It reflects joy, heartbreak, memories, and causes.

When you change emotions, you change jewelry.

Does your jewelry ever reflect one or more of the following?

  1. Everyday Fun. Do you have a hobby? Wear jewelry indicative of your creative passion. Someone may comment, perhaps a kindred spirit.

  2. Geographical Preference. Remember a vacation spot or a location you yearn to see. Showcase your family roots. Where do your family and friends live?

  3. Sentimental Feelings. Do you wear a locket in remembrance of someone? Or do you wear jewelry given to you by someone special?

  4. Support a Cause. Organizations support worthwhile causes ranging from fighting specific illnesses to supporting youth groups, cultures, or animals. Wearing significant jewelry reminds us of specific causes and may spur conversations allowing you to enlighten others.

  5. Regional Interest. Where do you live? Do you enjoy hometown pride? A local emblem may spark interest from others or show your support.

  6. Personality. Are you a quiet person who enjoys delicate blend-in jewelry? Or do your bright colors boast outgoing, happy characteristics? Do you prefer gold, silver, copper, a mixture, or wooden beads?

  7. Social Status. Does your jewelry represent your lifestyle? What style might make a statement to those around you?


The heroine (from my submitted romantic suspense novel) involves a Chicago socialite relocated to an alpaca farm. Her dazzling jewelry shouts “high society” to the locals, bringing attention to herself within the modest farm community.

What jewelry styles do you prefer? What do they say about you?

What can you tell about other people from the jewelry they wear?

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