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H is for Hobby Farm

How does a hobby farm differ from a regular farm?

Hobby farms are generally smaller (5-20 acres) than a full-size farm. They bring about changes of lifestyle—healthier and satisfying. They’re popular for families wanting to enjoy horses, sheep, bees, goats, alpacas, cattle, crafts, or countless endeavors. If children want a bunny or two (which seldom stay at two) and you want chickens to supply fresh eggs, a hobby farm may be for you. Think of home grown vegetables from your own garden to improve your family’s health and self-sustainability.

The main difference between a hobby farm and a regular business farm is that you may make money owning a hobby farm (such as selling some of those fresh eggs), but the income generated is not your main income. Most people that own hobby farms have other jobs, whether part-time or full-time.

If you’re itching to move to the country and buy or build a hobby farm, consider these issues:

  1. Why do you want to own a hobby farm?

  2. Is it important to you and/or your family?

  3. What expertise do you possess for this undertaking? Do you have adequate knowledge or do you need additional education?

  4. Do you have a mentor—someone to help you make decisions?

  5. Do you enjoy the outdoors? Do your spouse and/or children?

  6. Does your family work together well?

  7. Can you afford to hire help or make the repairs that will come your way?

  8. How much time do you have to maintain animals, gardens, your home and family?

  9. Are you (or anyone you know) related to Handy Manny? Consider finances needed for repairs, machinery, expansion, or the animals you plan to own.

  10. Don’t take on too much at once. When things are going well, you can be innovative or expand.

  11. Take your time searching for the right property or existing hobby farm. Consider your needs and future plans.


Life on a hobby farm is liberating. Your world will never again be the same.

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