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B is for Barns

Barns. Old. New. Working. Fads. Entrepreneur.

Here in Wisconsin, barns are serious business. Barns are an important part of Wisconsin’s history…and its future. Wisconsin is the dairy state.

It’s sad to see abandoned barns dot the countryside. Especially, since I’ve always had a passion for barns. Barns filled with country sights and sounds...hay and animals.

When we bought our farm, sunlight flooded through the barn roof. So did rain, snow, and everything else. Exterior boards needing patching. And paint? The faded red was barely visible.

Yet, the timbers were wonderful. Thick, heavy beams. Potential.

It was a labor of love and a costly venture. We gutted stalls, poured concrete, replaced doors, and revamping the interior…for alpacas and a country store and a conference room...and...

Would you tear down a barn or rebuild it? Ours was pure joy.

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