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by Cathe Swanson

Are you looking for a captivating read? If so, this romantic suspense novel should be at the top of your stack. Baggage Claim is suspenseful, light-hearted, realistic, and a page turner. It’s anything but what you would expect.


Cathe Swanson’s characters bring the Great Lakes Collection to life. They’re unique and full of surprises. The higher the stakes, the more emotions escalate until we find ourselves almost holding our breath.


I personally lived in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for years. Cathe’s detailed descriptions are authentic and bring the reader into the locale as effectively as if we had packed our bags to come along.


Significant issues are addressed which readers will relate to. Each character has their own problems and, as often happens in true life, they can’t be resolved alone. Unexpected twists in the story keep us guessing and I’m already waiting for a sequel.


Don’t miss this read! Great job, Cathe!

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by Cara Putman

If you enjoy a sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat mystery, this book is a must read.


I first read the prologue. It was short, just over a page. And in the short time it took to read it,

I was literally trembling, a true indicator of the story to follow.


You will remember the story’s characters long after you’ve read this book. The heroine,

Emilie’s, efforts to protect families from domestic abuse emulate needs so critical in today’s

society. The story entertains through intriguing subplots and at the same time educates the

reader about the legal system.


Like the hero, Reid, the story illustrates the sheer determination and faith needed to hold

tight to a ray of hope. The nerve-wracking danger that many domestic abuse victims endure

is an eye-opener, as well as the dedication and emotions of both the victims and those

interceding on their behalf.


Suspense at its best!

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by DiAnn Mills

DiAnn Mills has done it again! Fatal Strike captivates the reader from the first to last page. Deliciously detailed, this fast-paced romantic suspense novel creates an emotional rollercoaster that keeps the pages turning as quickly as they can be read.

FBI Agents Leah Riesel and Jon Colbert are partnered together in this real-life thriller that will likely hit on the reader’s own fears. My hands literally shook while reading several pages. (gulp!) The deep characterization and attention to detail that trademark DiAnn Mills’ writing are incredible. The reader literally walks, runs—and falls—beside the main characters as they race for answers, interrogating witnesses and suspects alike. Pressure rises as they work to prevent murders from stacking up. The severity of the case requires sharp focus. Any mutual attraction must be in check to avoid disaster.


A resident of Texas, DiAnn covers local topography and venues with such detail that the reader is ordering from the menu and fanning the heat off his/her face. In keeping with current news, DiAnn researches current trends and problems. She appreciates the FBI and law enforcement personnel that keep her writing accurate and realistically frightening.


DiAnn’s philosophy of hands-on research makes each scene authentic and visual. Her slogan, “Expect an Adventure” is an understatement. This book will keep you awake until you finish reading it.


by Laura Frantz

This Christian fiction historical romance literally transports its readers into colonial Williamsburg at the onset of the Revolutionary War. Laura Frantz’s characters couldn't be more lifelike, allowing us to intimately experience every detail. This book is a true page-turner and provokes thoughts about the impact of war, the sacrifices and faith of our country’s founders, and the defining line of politics between society, friends, and families.

The term deep POV (point of view) is given a whole new meaning within The Lacemaker’s pages. Laura Frantz’s sensory details are vivid, with sights ranging from detailed lace and breathtaking scenery to putrid odors and heart wrenching illustrations of war’s misfortunes.

Both the hero and heroine look to God for direction and inspire us to do the same in our lives. In the midst of crisis, they try to see God's purpose and not just their own--even when they're terrified for their very lives.

Unyielding strengths and sense of purpose create characters not easily forgotten. This is a must-read.

Bravo, Laura Frantz!

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