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Confectioners Sugar

March 19, 2020

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Make Your Own:  Confectioners Sugar

A/K/A DIY Confectioners Sugar

Have you ever been in mid-recipe and run out of an ingredient?

I have, and one of those items is Confectioners Sugar.

Known especially for dessert frostings and glazes, confectioners sugar contains only 2 in...

Last weekend, my daughter and I took an overnight trip. Our gracious friends made breakfast for us. I had forgotten that they raised laying hens. What a treat—fresh eggs!

I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful brown shells and how smooth, hard, and thick they were. Ha...

It is July and it is hot outdoors. How do we keep our furry friends safe? Water.

It is the key ingredient to keeping our dog’s bodies cooled down. Sure, they need water for digestion purposes and bodily functions, but it’s also critical to cooling their bodies.


Most people want to be worthy.

Worthy of love.

Worthy of respect.

Worthy of attention.

Worthy of God.

Acceptance. Do you fit in as you are? Or do you change your ways to be accepted by your peers?

Before you can be respected by others, respect yourself. Love yourself. You ar...

October 30, 2018

Fresh autumn vegetables mean one thing. “It’s comfort food time!”

Here are 5 of my favorites and suggested uses.

Rutabaga – This is my favorite autumn vegetable. This root plant adds delicious flavor and texture to soups, stews, pasties, and even by itself. Mashed with a...

October 11, 2018

Do you own an umbrella? Most people do. You may have heard of umbrellas by other names. For example, parasol (primarily a sun shield), rainshade, (Irish) brolly, or my favorite—bumbershoot (as sung by Dick Van Dyke in the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang).

I didn’t think th...

September 27, 2018 says that a tenderfoot is: “1 : an inexperienced beginner : novice a political tenderfoot. 2 : a newcomer in a comparatively rough or newly settled region especially : one not hardened to frontier or outdoor life.”

When I hear the word, I automatical...

September 10, 2018

What is your initial reaction to the sight of rain clouds? Other than "how much time do

I have before it rains," I usually dash outdoors to secure flowers and move fragile items. I also run around the house to make sure the rain spouts are actually down, since we lift o...