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I is for Ice Sculpting (and Snow Sculpting)

Did you know there are two different types of (winter) sculpting? Ice sculpting begins with an ice block, either cut from frozen bodies of water (lakes or ponds) or manufactured frozen blocks. Although clear ice is favored, some blocks are white and look like snow. Dyes added to the water create colored ice blocks. Tools used range from razor-sharp chisels to hand saws. Did you know that Ice sculpting is taught in culinary arts schools? That’s right. They are often part of cold food presentations. Snow sculptures are created from large blocks of snow. Heavy machinery is required to move the immense blocks or cylinders. Tools used range from large chisels to shovels and rakes. Steel edges mus

H is for Hobby Farm

How does a hobby farm differ from a regular farm? Hobby farms are generally smaller (5-20 acres) than a full-size farm. They bring about changes of lifestyle—healthier and satisfying. They’re popular for families wanting to enjoy horses, sheep, bees, goats, alpacas, cattle, crafts, or countless endeavors. If children want a bunny or two (which seldom stay at two) and you want chickens to supply fresh eggs, a hobby farm may be for you. Think of home grown vegetables from your own garden to improve your family’s health and self-sustainability. The main difference between a hobby farm and a regular business farm is that you may make money owning a hobby farm (such as selling some of those fresh

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