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E is for Eggs

Farm life...chickens. They add up to fresh eggs. It's a win-win. Before we bought our farm, I didn't understand the hype about fresh eggs. I just knew we wanted chickens and fresh eggs. The first cracked eggs were an epiphany. Bright yolks, firm whites. No running. Delightful flavor. And I knew what the chickens had been eating. There were no unhealthy additives in their feed. The eggs were healthy food for friends and family. BE DATE SAVVY: There is a date on every egg carton. An expiration date, you say. But, did you know that there should be two dates? Don't be confused. One date may be a Julian date. What does that mean? Think of how many days there are in a year. 001 is J

D is for Dogs

What else could D stand for, if not our much-loved furry friends? Meet Molly Marie, age 15. Our 4-legged lhasa apso thinks she is human. How else could she know what we're saying? At age 15, she prefers low-key and discreet, so papa masks her age by way of a stylish "puppy cut". If you're like me, you enjoy checking out different dog breeds. What breed best fits you or your family? When I look at a picture of a lhasa apso, I wouldn't recognize our Molly. We never entered dog shows. Nor were we interested in maintaining floor-length hair that would have me pulling mine out. As so many breeds do, she adapted. First to farm life and then to small-town-Wisconsin. We've owned lots of dogs. Snoopy

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