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I'm Rebecca McLafferty, a daughter of God, a wife of 45 years, mother of two, and grandmother of five. I currently live in the midwest, but at an early age, I became enamored with all things country. 

My family hailed from the eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Having

an uncle who plowed with draft horses and blacksmithed on Mackinac Island nurtured my love of horses.

My military husband and I traveled the U.S. and abroad. Eight years later, we settled in Michigan and then Wisconsin. I have a soft spot for Montana and the western states. Their way of life fascinated me from childhood.

We owned an alpaca farm for 9 years, hosting family-friendly events, running a country store, and raising animals--in particular alpacas. Our farm provided a unique venue for my annual Christian writers conference.

Along with farm life came farm food. Tasty, healthy, and lots of it. I enjoy sharing recipes--even in my books!

My husband is active in our church, nursing homes, and works at a ministry for disabled adults. I am his on-call assistant!

Our daughter's family keeps us young. Their four children are 

such blessings. God is so good! We moved again a year and a half

ago, following them to a new location in southern Wisconsin. God

keeps our lives exciting.

Our third eldest granddaughter lives out east with her mother and

family. Her father, our son, died almost nine years ago. It is never

easy to write the word suicide, but thousands are affected by it.

Without God's grace and love, my family would have crumbled back

into the dust from which we came. But God had plans for us.

My lifelong passion for fiction, coupled with Bible scripture and

Jesus's parables, grew into a writing ministry. I've enjoyed great

blessings from writer-friends, writing conferences, Christian writers

groups, and meeting people involved in writing.

Oh, and I get a little giddy when it comes to story-telling--and the joy of meeting new and returning readers and friends. You!

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