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If your children don't listen to

you or ignore you...

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If boundaries are stretched until they barely exist...

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If you struggle to make time to be together...

Meet Us

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We are Joe and Rebecca McLafferty, family relationship coaches at McLafferty Enterprises, LLC. We are seasoned entrepreneurs with 25+ years of coaching experience, high-level education, a faith formation commission and certification, and we are parents and grandparents.

We offering 6- and 12-week parenting programs just for you. 

We focus on the heart and soul of Christian parenting. 

Statement of Faith and Philosophy




We believe that there is one book of instruction for Christian parents. That is The Holy Bible.


Each family has their own rules and routines.  As parenting coaches, we want to give you the advice and materials necessary to help you succeed while raising your children in a faith-filled, loving, and authoritative way. And we want you to have fun along the way!

Our mission is to shepherd parents to revive family unity, by establishing viable boundaries. These boundaries are based on principles which embrace faith-filled relationships. They give you the freedom to enjoy quality family life, while having fun.

We have many resources and lots of experience that we will use to help you. Whether it be setting family foundations, giving advice, or helping you troubleshoot existing areas of concern, we are here to help. 

We are coaches, professional businesspersons, and veteran parents and grandparents. Whatever you are facing, we have probably been there too or know someone who has!  We can help you find answers to suit your parenting needs.  Each family parents differently, with unique, expected outcomes and different methods.  We are here to encourage you and support YOUR vision.  

Contact us today and see what a difference having an understanding and professional parenting coach can make to your family!

After a free phone consultation, we will send you a free copy of our .pdf, "BEST FAMILY TRAITS."          

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re/kindle your family's unity

10-Week Program

Weekly 1-on-1

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Proven Homework Assignments That Work!


We focus on YOUR goals and meet YOUR needs.

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